What Stylish Clothes Of 2018 Are Perfect For Your Figure?

Style Tips

Being fashionable is great, but it can be pretty difficult to find models of clothes fitting you without proper guidelines. That’s why we have invited the experts of Cattifly to tell us what cuts of collections presented in 2018 suit each built best.

So, we know women are good at looking for disadvantages of their figure. And here clothes appear as one of the safest ways to correct the imperfections. According to Cattifly, most of their customers are dissatisfied with their appearance and want to change this or that detail of it. Today we will have a closer look at the latest fashion trends to connect them with various needs of women.

Hips. The guys from Cattifly note: to make them look slimmer, please avoid wearing velvet and plaid models. Of course, the materials are among the most popular fabrics of 2018, but not in your case. Denim and 100% cotton alternatives, also very widespread this year, are what you need to concentrate on. In addition, too broad hips can be transformed with asymmetrically cut clothes as well. Don’t forget geometry and asymmetry are on top of the most fashionable ideas of 2018.

Neck. If you are searching for means making it look longer, the experts of Cattifly offer a nice solution – buy a pair of long earrings. This is classics of the high fashion weeks of the year and a great chance to improve your appearance within a minute. It may sound strange, but there is another kind of accessories making the neck look longer – gloves. No, we have made no mistake here. In case you are sure your neck is not long enough, opt for short gloves, please. Otherwise you’ll make it visually shorter instead.

Waist. According to the reports of Cattifly, wearing tight-fitting clothes for making waist slimmer can be considered mauvais ton. The only occasion it’s reasonable this year – formal fashion. Don’t be surprised. The sexier your business suit is, the more stylish your outfit is in 2018. So don’t be shy to wear slimming formal clothes for making the waistline gorgeous.

Legs. Would you like to make them longer? As the experts of Cattifly assure, the fashion of 2018 for quite provocative side-splits and wide-leg trousers is what you need.

As a fact, the recommendations of fashion gurus about adding glitter, animal prints and intensive patterns work well, but not in case you want to look slimmer. The same thing with bright socks, multicolor faux fur coats and oversize clothes. The guys from Cattifly insist you should be careful with such models if your curves are already tempting and eye-catching.

Fashion always has something interesting to offer girls and women of different built. The only thing important here is to make the right choice. And we are glad the experts of Cattifly have helped us to make everything clear.