What’s New with the Flower Dressing Trend

Style Tips

The world of flower dressing is way too big. Flowers remain constant but the way they are incorporated in designs keeps changing. It’s important to know what to wear and what to avoid. Small flowers or big, the kind of placement, added embellishments or not, all these are important factors to consider.

Large blossoms look amazing on dainty and thin bodies. If you carry a few extra kilos, then you must definitely try to avoid such oversized flowers. Small flowers are more likely to work well for curvy bodies. Also, consider the host background colour of your floral dress. Any white or light coloured backgrounds that display bright and sunny blooms are perfect for concealing bulges and handles.

The floral fantasy bralette by Kerry Parker is the perfect example for this. This ivory bralette with a sprinkle of multihued florets, strategically placed to highlight your curves is an absolute delight. Style it with a pair of high waisted shorts or a denim skirt and oversized denim jacket for a casual look. If you plan to flaunt it at a dinner party or high profile reception, then a tulle skirt will be your best call.

If Flower dressing has your heart too then don’t forget to try out the cocktail collection by Kerry Parker. My absolute favourites in the collection are the range of pastel womens pumps with varied floral embellishments. You’ll be surprised how well florals and pastels go together. It’s like a coming together of spring and summer, the ultimate treat.

Womens pumps are wardrobe essentials, no matter how amazing your outfit is, if your shoe game is not on point then it’s an absolute waste. The right footwear has the power to make or break your outfit. The beauty of pastel womens pumps is that they give a power packed look with a hint of sensuality. I have never seen an average look that can’t be made premium league with these beauties.

While floral apparel is exquisite, fishnet stockings with floral embellishments are out of this world. It’s the accessory that the world has been awaiting. Girls are always looking for that one thing that’ll make their legs look flawless. Well, your prayers have been answered. These fishnet stockings are perfect to flaunt those shapely legs. What is even better is that these embellished fishnets look good on all body types. If you have thick legs and wonder if these will work for you, the answer is absolutely yes! These fishnets make your legs look shapelier and give them more definition.

There is no such thing as the perfect fishnet; you won’t be able to choose because all these fishnets are spectacular. You’ll find this trend is a favourite among celebrities and bloggers. Soon there will be a time where people will match their outfits to their fishnet stockings instead of the other way around. Flower Dressing as a trend is encasing all these amazing things. Try out some of them today and don’t forget to shine!